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Whistle Maker Gene Milligan of Westminster, Colorado has been building and repairing stringed instruments for more than 35 years. This includes steel string, classical and archtop guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, banjos and ukes. He has studied under the notable guitar builder and designer, Charles Fox and the renowned instrument repair man, Frank Ford.

Gene has retired after 45 years in the computer industry as a Mechanical Engineer and can devote most of his time to the building and repair of stringed instruments. Recently, he has undertaken the design and building of Irish whistles with considerable success.

Gene builds his instruments to suit the needs and desires of each individual customer and welcomes the challenge of each project.

eric brinkman

Web designer Eric Brinkman got the idea to start the Irish Whistle Shop online after he piled up about about $2000 worth of bills on his credit card buying whistles on ebay. Simultaneous to the idea that he could resell them online to recover his losses, he realized that there were several whistle makers he had met on online who didn't have online storefronts. To provide them access, and to be able to continue buying whistles online to feed his WhOA, he started the Irish Whistle Shop. Eventually het met Gene and they began a partnership: Gene makes the whistles; Eric helps sell them.



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Irish Flutes & Fifes

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Wood Whistles

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Brass & Aluminum Whistles

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