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Sell Us Your Whistles!


We buy selected whistles and flutes at competitive prices; why give your hard-earned money to ebay? We'll buy them from you without charging you a bunch of hidden service fees.


Currently wanted to buy:

Patrick Olwell flutes

Greenwood (Boisevert) D whistle found!

O'Riordan whistles

Sindt whistles

Copeland whistles


If you have one of these flutes or whistles and would like to sell, contact us at If you have something else we might also consider it, so feel free to describe what you have and send us an email then too.


Alternatively, if the whistle or flute you're looking to sell isn't listed here, check out our consignment page.

assorted whistles


brass and aluminum irish tin whistles

Irish Flutes & Fifes

aluminum brass low whistle

Low Whistles

wood irish tin whistles

Wood Whistles

composite & pvc irish tin whistles

Brass & Aluminum Whistles

irish flute

Composite & PVC

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