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Skip Healy delux Bb fife

Skip Healy Deluxe Bb Fife this is the Deluxe model in African Blackwood and Sterling Silver by musician and craftsman Skip Healy. It's in excellent condition and has been regularly oiled and kept in a humidified environment.

Some more photos: Skip Healy Deluxe Bb Fife | Deluxe Bb Fife Headjoint

Price New: $550
You pay: $325

To order, send us an email at

Ferris C fife

Ferris C fife this is an 8-hole plastic fife in the key of C with lip plate. Durable, functional, plays well and has good volume.

Price New: $6.50

To order, send us an email at

sweetheart rosewood A irish flute fife

Sweetheart A Rosewood flute/fife This is a flute/fife in the key of A by master flutesmith Walt Sweet. Known as "Band Flutes" in England and Ireland, these fifes are especially suited for playing Irish and other folk music in bands and sessions, with their strong, easy blowing low register.  Their conical bore has been designed for perfect intonation and delightful tone quality.

Price New: $155
You pay: $95

Sorry, this flute has been sold.



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