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So as a free service we're going to try to provide information on flute workshops by ITM teachers/performers.


One of our favorite players is Kevin Crawford, of formerly of Moving Cloud and presently of Lunasa. He'll be touring, teaching, and performing in the States this year:


Kevin Crawford concerts/workshops


We also all enjoy the playing of Shannon Heaton; you can check out her concerts and workshops as well. She has several albums and a tune book we really recommend (Oil for the Chain.)


Hope to see you there!


Also, if you're interested, we endorse as a teacher Gordon Gower. You can study with him in person (in Las Vegas, or on tour) or via Skype:


Gordon is a teacher by profession and has also been playing Irish traditional music on the flute and tin whistle for over 15 years. He has been fortunate enough to study under some outstanding flute players, such as Eamonn Cotter and Eamonn de Barra. He's also recorded and performed with musicians such as The Chieftains, Liz Carrol, John Doyle, Zac Leger, and Matt Molloy.


Gordon is available to work with you on flute, tin whistle, or low whistle in person or via Skype. Lessons are not less than one hour in length and typically focus on strengthening your tone and embouchures, step by step tutorials on how to play simple through advanced ornamentation, and working on building your repertoire of dance tunes.


For more information on Gordon, visit his producer's page where you can find a write up of his band and/or contact us.


Kevin Crawford Lunasa




Gordon Gower with Kevin Crawford

Gordon playing at a house concert with Kevin Crawford



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