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So the goal of the Irish Whistle Shop is to encourage people to try new whistles, by trading and buying them new and/or used. We've bought our fair share of whistles on ebay, traded them away for others, or picked them up for a deal on the chiff and fipple used instrument exchange.


But there's still nothing like buying a new whistle... if you have the money and can stand the wait period, here are some of the best whistles you can buy. :)


Tony Dixon Tony Dixon makes more affordable whistles and flutes. His "polymer" flutes and whistles tend to be durable, but low-end. His "trad" whistles enjoy an enthusiastic following, offering a taste of what higher-end designer whisltes offer without the same stiff price tag.

Michael Burke Michael Burke is the de facto standard for brass and aluminum Irish tin whistles. Many professional performers use them; he makes whistles in virtually ever key, from high g down to low c. I would describe them as pure, with a little less chiff than more traditional whistles, which makes them very nice for session play.

Michael Copeland one of the first makers to offer a genuine, high-end hand made whistles well worth the price, Mr. Copeland is semi-retired presently. (I think i'm on his wait list though. :) He makes beautiful connical bore whisltes that sound great, and are loud enough to compete with other players in a session.

John Sindt makes wonderful whistles (Mary Bergin played one) in a variety of keys. Often criticized for lacking a good cross-fingering to reach a on-pitch C natural (he says you should half-hole, like Mrs. Bergin :) they are never the less prized for their chiffy traditional sound. They're hard to come by though; he has about a 6 month wait list.

David Shaw Smallpipes maker David Shaw also makes hand-made connical bore whistles in the traditional way. If you like Clarkes, but would like one that plays in tune through both octaves and doesn't require quite as much breath, check out what David has to offer.

David O'brien has made a nice variety of whistles, including a copper set, a narrow bore whistle with a wood fipple, a traveling set of whistles in a variety of woods that break down into 3 sections (rovers), and his new stowaway model. i have a rover set in olive wood that you can't have, because i'm not selling it. :)

Paul Busman makes whistles in a variety of keys, in various woods and delrin. i have a d whistle of his in delrin that you can't have either. :)

Chris Abell is considered by some to be the premier maker of whistles active today. He also makes flutes and replacement headjoints for silver (Boehm) flutes.

Mk whistles Mk whistles are the de facto standard for session play, if you can get one. Very attractive and light whistles, they are a players dream, responsive, with a strong bottom d.

Susato Susato makes a variety of durable, affordable instruments. The low d is particularly good, and the high d have to volume to compete in sessions.

Mack Hoover Mr. Hoover made me one of the first professional whistles i ever bought, a blacktop to fit a feadog whistle i had that needed help. He makes affordable, hand-made whistles that include a narrow bore and various aluminum and pvc whistles.

Gene Milligan primarily a maker of fine guitars, Mr. Milligan also makes a mean whistle. You can get a C, D, or Eb whistle in cocobolo or black or red dymondwood (with a delrin fipple and brass fittings).


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