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our composite, pvc, and polymer whistles


Susato Low D whistle

Susato Low D Whistle this is a great whistle for the price, you can see a video of this whistle being played along with an MK, a Burke Viper, and a Reviol low D--i defy you to hear the difference.

They're made of black machined plastic and so are virtually indestructible, a go-anywhere whistle that also has serious session volume.

Also comes with a soft case and a stick of cork grease.

Price New: $93.90
You pay: $75

Sorry, this whistle has been sold.


Carey Parks Every Whistle pvc irish tin whistles

Carey Parks Every Whistles A great sounding, practically indestructible whistle you can take with you everywhere. The idea for this whistle was born while kayak camping on a small beach in the Florida Everglades.

I have a C/D set of these whistles myself; I love them--they're a great sounding set of whistles, just throw them in my bag and go---plus the tone control ring, which works really well. You can lower the volume to about half of its usual range by rotating the ring and still get a great tone--perfect for practicing at home while not disturbing the neighbors.

Every Whistle D: $55
Every Whistle C: $55
Every Whistle D/C set: $63

Or save on the a set of 3 whistle bodies (Eb, D, and C) for $71.

To order, send us an email at


Sweetheart WD Sweet model Irish tin pennywhistle

Sweetheart WD Sweet model Pennywhistle This is a great whistle! Lots of volume to compete in sessions, but still has a pure, sweet tone. Made of indestructible machined plastic, it plays well (smooth transitions up through the scale) and has just the right amount of chiff (traditional sound).

Some more photos: WD Sweetheart | WD Sweet model mouthpiece

Price New: $150
You pay: $135

We're sorry, this whistle has been sold.

Paul Busman delrin D irish whistle

Paul Busman delrin C Irish whistle this is a handmade whistle by Paul Busman in delrin. Delrin is a synthetic polymer which has sound qualities similar to wood, but without the high maintenance--you don't need to humidify or oil this whistle, just wipe it out once in awhile to clean it. These are great whistles; they are medium in volume with an easy transition up through both octaves; i have a Busman D whistle in delrin that i travel with and a boxwood in D that is my favorite whistle to play.

Price New: $265
You pay: $170

Sorry, this whistle has been sold.

Angel Baroque Alto recorder

Angel Baroque Alto Recorder Our first recorder! :) This is a nice alto recorder by Angel, baroque fingering, also comes with a case, endcaps, and grease.

Some more photos: Angel Baroque Alto Recorder | Recorder, case, caps, and grease

Price New: $28.75
You pay: $15

To order, send us an email at


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