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copley blackwood irish flute

Flutes an Irish Flute is a simple system transverse flute (as opposed to a modern silver flute, or Boehm flute). They can have keys, or not have keys, or have integrated tuning slides or not, or the headjoint can be lined or not. They are also made of several different kinds of wood, or of delrin (which is more durable and resistant to vagaries of weather).


Skip Healy delux Bb fife Fifes Fifes are side-blow, like flutes, but in higher keys (generally, anything between high D and Bb we would call a fife). Popular with military reenactment and marching bands, fifes were also popular for general use by ITM musicians. Although not as popular today, they are making a comeback due to their power excellent voice.
wood whistles Wood Whistles These are my favorite whistles. Wood has a certain resonate quality that can't be duplicated by other materials. If you haven't tried one, try out one of our wood whistles by less well know, but still great sounding, makers. brass whistles

Brass & Aluminum Whistles the first manufactured Irish whistles were made of tin plate, wrapped around a wooden fipple, the way Clarke and Shaw whistles are still made today. Later, straight bore whistles such as Generation and Feadog were introduced, and are still played by many respected ITM musicians today. Typically, we would say that aluminum and nickel whistles tend to have a brighter sound, while brass whistles tend to be more complex, or chiffy sounding. (Aluminum and nickel also resists tarnish or patina; brass less so).

aluminum brass low whistle Low whistles The modern low whistle was invented by Bernard Overton, and then popularized by Riverdance and movies like Braveheart. Currently, many other makers produce wonderful low whistles (Burke, Mk, Susato, Reviol, and many others), some with a more haunting sound (described by some as "cosmic drainpipe"), others with more volume (Susatos) or a brighter, more clear sound. composite&pvc Composite and PVC whistles composite, polymer, or delrin whistles have some of the resonate quality of wood whistles, without needing the same maintenance. PVC whistles are similarly durable, affordable, and are easy to play, portable, and in the case of Susatos, loud enough to be heard in a session.


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