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our aluminum, brass, copper, and nickel irish tin whistles


Gene Milligan Dymondwood D irish tin whistle

Gene Milligan D this is a great whistle, cheaper than many of the premium wood whistles available (a new Chris Abell D whistle costs $450 and you have to wait 6 months to get one), and comes with a great recommendation on the Chiff & Fipple website and by the Wandering Whistler. It has great volume, is wind-resistant, has a strong, resonate tone, and Mr. Milligan can make it from a variety of woods: Cocobolo, Honduran Rosewood, Blackwood, Purple Heart, Bloodwood, Red, Black, or Green Dymondwood (the whistle pictured left is Black Dymondwood, a composite material that sounds like traditional wood but is more sturdy and resistant to the vagaries of whistle-playing :). And he also makes a Delrin whistle. So when you order, let us know which one you would like! :)

Some more photos: Black Dymondwood | detail | Red Dymondwood | Green Dymondwood | Cocobolo | Honduran Rosewood | Blackwood

Price New: $185

To order, send us an email at

Pol Jézéquel Low F Irish whistle

Pol Jézéquel Low F Irish whistle this is a handmade whistle by Pol Jézéquel; aluminum bore with wood exterior, also with decorative wooden inlay down centerline of the holes on the front of the whistle. The fipple is wooden and is comfortable for playing and a pleasant texture compared with aluminum whistle mouthpieces I've played. When I play it, it tends to be medium in volume with an easy transition up through both octaves. I find it easy to blow, having to push just slightly on the upoer octave to retain tone. The sound is lovely and kind of reedy.

Price New: Pol Jézéquel is primarily a flute maker, and you can't find these on the market.
You pay: $280

To order, send us an email at

Michael Copeland brass Low D Irish Tin Whistle whistle

Michael Copeland brass Low D Irish Tin Whistle This is a low whistle from famous semi-retired maker Michael Copeland. The connical bore gives it a strong bottom d with a sweet 2nd octave that doesn't have to be pushed. Beautiful sounding, the connical bore also makes the finger stretch easier. This whistle has the C natural tone hole making for sounding the true C natural without the cross fingering C natural.
This one has a small dent, nothing you'll notice and it won't affect playing; nothing to not like about this whistle--if you can afford it, this is the low whistle you have to have.

Price New: Priceless. You can't buy these anywhere, we just saw one on ebay for $1,000.
You pay: $750

Sorry, this whistle has been sold.

Michael Burke aluminum C Irish tin pennywhistle

Michael Burke Aluminum C Irish tin whistle Save yourself some money on the de facto standard for Irish Traditional tinwhistles. Mr. Burke's whistles are the standard against which all other aluminum whistles are measured. One of my favorite Irish traditional music (ITM) players, Shannon Heaton, plays Burke whistles exclusively.

This one is in brass; which has a bit more chiff than the aluminum version.

Price New: $220
You pay: $180

Sorry, this whistle has been sold.

Reyburn A/Bb brass Irish tinwhistle set

Reyburn Bb/A brass tinwhistle set Save yourself some money on a great set of whistles (one head, two bodies) by master whistesmith Ronaldo Reyburn. Whistles with a nice amount of chiff in a beautiful brass whistle, play in Bb or A.

Price New: $240
You pay: $190

Sorry, this whistle has been sold.

Angel Baroque Alto recorder

Angel Baroque Alto Recorder Our first recorder! :) This is a nice alto recorder by Angel, baroque fingering, also comes with a case, endcaps, and grease.

Some more photos: Angel Baroque Alto Recorder | Recorder, case, caps, and grease

Price New: $28.75
You pay: $15

Sorry, this recorder has sold


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