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Gene Milligan Dymondwood D irish tin whistle

Gene Milligan D this is a great whistle, cheaper than many of the premium wood whistles available (a new Chris Abell D whistle costs $450 and you have to wait 6 months to get one), and comes with a great recommendation on the Chiff & Fipple website and by the Wandering Whistler. It has great volume, is wind-resistant, has a strong, resonate tone, and Mr. Milligan can make it from a variety of woods: Cocobolo, Honduran Rosewood, Blackwood, Purple Heart, Bloodwood, Red, Black, or Green Dymondwood (the whistle pictured left is Black Dymondwood, a composite material that sounds like traditional wood but is more sturdy and resistant to the vagaries of whistle-playing :). And he also makes a Delrin whistle. So when you order, let us know which one you would like! :)

Some more photos: Black Dymondwood | detail | Red Dymondwood | Green Dymondwood | Cocobolo | Honduran Rosewood | Blackwood

Price New: $185

To order, send us an email at

Paul Busman D blackwood irish whistle

Paul Busman cocobolo D Irish whistle this is a handmade whistle by Paul Busman; I've owned several of these (delrin, blackwood, pink ivory, and boxwood) and they are all great whistles--Mr. Busman trained in whistlesmithing under Glen Schultz, so these are a joy to play. They tend to be medium in volume with an easy transition up through both octaves.

Price New: $250
You pay: $200

Sorry, this whistle has been sold.

Schultz D whistle

E.G. Schultz Mahogany D Irish whistle this is a beautiful handmade whistle in blackwood made by master whistlesmith Glenn Schultz (of Water Weasel fame). This is from the review on the Chiff and Fipple website: "I've talked to a few people who have played these and they have raved positively. They look fabulous. Just about everyone who has one of these says it is their favorite whistle."

Tragically (also from C&F's website) Mr. Shultz died on June 8, 2005.  He was one of the most beloved characters in the whistle community and a dedicated craftsman and maker of fine, fine instruments. Don't miss on a chance to own on of these for yourself.

Price New: impossible
You pay: $350

Sorry, this whistle has been sold.


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